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“Raising up ministry leaders to advance the Kingdom of God in the last days.”

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The Crossfire Minute

The Crossfire Minute is a blog by Harvey Wittmier.  He creates new posts weekly wherein he challenges, encourages, and inspires ministry leaders.  Have The Crossfire Minute delivered directly to your inbox by signing up in the box above.


Once a year CFIA hosts a retreat for ministry leaders to pursue the Holy Spirit and take time away from their busy schedules to receive ministry in their own lives.


Conferences are held both in the US as well as internationally.  These are times when partners can come together and receive new revelation from the Holy Spirit through Harvey and Deborah to pass on to their own congregations.

Ministry Trips

If the Lord is leading you to minister abroad, why not take a trip with Harvey and Deborah to get your feet wet?  


This is five full ministry training courses, 39 hours, on DVD. This is the material Harvey and Deborah teach during the two week intensive schools.  The courses include The Gospel of Grace and Peace, Horizontal Grace, Victory Through the Believer’s Authority, Leadership, and The Gospel Without Borders.  To read the course descriptions, click here. This set also has an optional addition of the accompanying notes and notebook.  For more information on these courses click here.

The suggested donation amounts for this set are below.

Ministry Training Courses on DVD!

Free messages, leadership training and encouragement through our our YouTube Channel.  Click the link above to watch, Contending With Your Will,  a sample of one of many messages available on our YouTube Channel.

The Gospel of Grace and Peace Ministry Course is the pioneer course for the training center.  Nine teaching sessions bring revelation and understanding to the Gospel as revealed to and preached by Paul the Apostle. This class brings insight to why Paul began his scripture writings with the greeting of ‘grace and peace’.  You will be challenged in your perspective of the Father and your perspective of what Jesus did for YOU. Grace will become more than a theological concept. Grace will become your reality of relationship with the Father.

The suggested donation amounts for this set are below.



Have you ever had a glimpse, a fleeting moment, of the sensation "...it is for this that I was created?" This 3-teaching set is a powerfully encouraging look at helping you discover and walk in the fullness of what God intended for your life.  Available for a suggested donation of $15.00


This teaching series brings the intangible grace of our vertical relationship with the Heavenly Father down to our tangible life on earth. These teachings will test your understanding of grace in the crucible of our horizontal, person to person relationships. Once you gain revelation and embrace the fullness of grace in relationship with God, you can transfer that power to the human dimension of your life.  Eight DVD teachings for a suggested donation of $40.00