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Pastors and Leaders School

Guess what! All of the content for the training center is on DVD.  With 39 hours of training, taught by Harvey and Deborah, you will feel like you are getting the training you need from your living room!  If you have a congregation or a ministry team that could benefit from additional leadership training, look no further! Facilitate the sessions using the DVD’s and each student can have their own copy of the full training syllabus, with notes and discussion questions!

Two week intensives are held at various locations around the world.  The sessions are taught by Harvey and Deborah Wittmier, as well as local ministry leaders who are affiliated with CFIA.  The training provides the attendees with two-weeks of concentrated sessions with teaching on grace, leadership, worship, and the Kingdom of God. As of now, the attendees are enrolled by invitation only.  If you are interested in being an attendee or if you would like to bring a two - week training to your group, click the appropriate link below:

Domestic Two Week Intensives


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Our Pastors and Leaders School is a two-week, intensive training program designed to give those who are already active in ministry a solid grace-theology foundation as well as teaching in other key subjects such as Servant-Leadership, Worship, Women in Ministry, and the Kingdom of God.

Attendees range from village pastors to Bishops and high-ranking ministry officials.  Some have grade school level education, some have master’s degrees, and there are many in between.

No matter the background of the attendee, we have thankfully experienced overarching excitement and appreciation from the graduates of this program.

The School is held at a location determined by the host leader. Each school session is limited to 30-40 attendees in order to keep class sizes small and allow the teaching to have the greatest impact possible on those attending.  Sessions are taught by Harvey and Deborah as well as by local ministry leaders who are affiliated with CFIA.  The purpose of the school is to equip the attendees to teach the subjects to their own congregations.

Students are selected and invited by the Host leader keeping in mind the 30,60, 100 fold harvest principle related in the parable of the sower.

Students are assigned a group of cohorts for discussion sessions to aid in immediate application of the subjects learned. Cohorts discuss new material daily and select a representative to present their group’s discussion conclusions to the class.

Graduating students receive a certificate as a statement and proof of their completion of the program.  These students work very hard throughout the program and the certificates are well deserved!

Harvey and Deborah usually  conduct a three-day follow up with graduates one year after completion of the program.  The follow ups include more advanced teaching on the subjects introduced during the school as well as direct question and answer sessions to allow the graduates to work through real-life issues they encountered when teaching the material to their own congregations.