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Advancing His Kingdom in Asia.

A remnant of pastors and leaders is rising in Asia, a group of people willing to cast off religion and adhere to the gospel of grace and peace as preached in the New Testament.  Are you part of this remnant?

Karen Refugees hearing the salvation message in a refugee camp.

Several nations in Asia are hostile toward the gospel.  In some areas it is illegal to preach the gospel or convert others to our faith.  Many Asian believers are strongly persecuted for their faith.

If you are a ministry leader in Asia, we want to lend you spiritual support and help enable you to do what God has called you to do. Click on the resources offered below.

Harvey’s Leadership Blog - Designed to instruct,  encourage and uplift ministry leaders

Audio Teachings - Listen online

Join the Alliance! - Get personal, spiritual support, and hands-on ministry resources.

Deborah with ministry leaders
in Nepal.

If you are interested in CFIA in Asia, please contact us directly.  Although we have a CFIA director in Asia, her contact information cannot be given out for security reasons.

Karen refugees in

Deborah Encourages the Believers to do the Work of the Kingdom in Thailand.

As Apostles, Harvey and Deborah exhort the believers to do the work of the Kingdom.  It is important that believers take their place and be proactive in establishing God’s Kingdom on earth.  This should not just be left to those in the five-fold ministry. Harvey and Deborah preach the gospel of grace and peace in order to displace religion and install the truth of the gospel.  All of this is done with strict attention to theology by the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  They showcase the truth of the gospel, line upon line, and precept upon precept.  If you are interested in bringing Harvey and Deborah to encourage the church and ministry leaders in your area, contact us.

Asian Nations

Touched by CFIA.