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Advancing His Kingdom in Africa.

A remnant of pastors and leaders is rising in Africa, a group of people willing to cast off religion and walk in the gospel of grace and peace as preached in the New Testament.  Are you part of this remnant?

Deep worship in a church in Tanzania.

CFIA East Africa Director, Emmanuel Kabambi.  For  more info contact E.Kabambi@CrossFire InternationalAlliance. org

Uganda - A deep work has sprung up in Uganda as a result of what the Lord has done through CFIA.  The small village of Nabusozi and the area surrounding Bugiri have become super cells for the work of the Holy Spirit through CFIA.  We also have partners in Kampala and other rural areas.  If you would like to receive spiritual support and ministry training materials through CFIA, please apply to partner with us.

With Partners in....

Rwanda - Partners from this nation are our newest addition and we are excited about the pastors and leaders in this nation and their desire to see the Kingdom of God realized on earth.  This is a dynamic group of leaders that has responded to the call of the Holy Spirit to go deeper.  If you would like to join this group, fill out an application, or contact our East Africa Director, Emmanuel Kabambi.

Kenya - This is the first country that Harvey and Deborah ministered in outside of the United States. Our Kenyan partners were some of the first to join the Alliance.  Kenya has been blessed with a saturation of the Word of God, but there is still a group of leaders that is hungry to experience God and understand His kingdom at a deeper level.  If this describes you, CFIA is the place for you.

If you are located in a nation not listed here, feel free to apply for affiliation.  Partnership is not limited to those countries listed above.

At Eglise El-Shaddai Church in Uvira, Democratic Republic of Congo, Deborah teaches on the Kingdom of God and responsibility of the disciples of Christ to further the Kingdom of God on earth.


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